PrideHouseTO shows LGBTQ inclusiveness of Pan Am Games

imageThe most inclusive multi-sport games in history – this was the goal of PrideHouseTO in welcoming athletes to the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. Read More.

Jon Montgomery

Jon Montgomery

While walking through his Olympic Gold medal victory ceremony at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, a bystander hands skeleton racer Jon Montgomery a pitcher of beer. He takes a big drink from it as he continues along his victory walk as millions of viewers cheer him on. Read More.

Ossington Strip

Ossington HRC

An army of hipsters drinking craft beers mixed with a brigade of eco-friendly stroller-pushing parents and a dash of seniors indulging in Portuguese custard tarts only skims the surface of the cultural diversity on the Ossington Strip. Read More.

Sake Fest

Kampai! Toronto

The “i” in isakaya means “to stay” and the “zakaya” means “sake shop.” This, in the western world, is known as a pub. Instead of beer, however, it’s the traditional rice wine sake that is celebrated Read More.

Rooftop Garden

Eastdale Garden

On Gerrard Street in busy East Chinatown sits the tall Eastdale Collegiate Institute. A concrete institution at first glance, but climb the school’s five storeys and you’ll discover Eden. Read More.

Joseph Workman Park

Joseph Workman

Joseph Workman Park has half a tilted fence, grass creeping on to the sandy children’s playground, and poor lighting leading to the southern wall that surrounds the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Read More.

Tennyson Quance

Aloha Toronto

Near the shores of Woodbine Beach on a beautiful Saturday last July, Tennyson Quance pushed herself up onto a paddleboard at the order of famed surfer Izzy Paskowitz. Read more. Read More.

Gay Nesting Dolls

Gay Nesting Dolls

The Sochi Olympics are well underway, and one east-end man is finding success in spreading a different message about certain athletes. Read More.

Matthew Kellway

Matthew Kellway

Beaches-East York MP Matthew Kellway is bringing Toronto’s mayoral issues with him to the House of Commons-and he’s not happy. Read More.

Mary McGugan

Robbie Burns

Pudding made of heart, liver, lungs, oatmeal, spices and stock encased in a sheep’s stomach is a hearty enough meal to send a bagpiper across foggy Scottish moors, according to celebrated poet Robbie Burns. Read More.

Paint night

Paint Night

It’s happy hour and hundreds of workers will close up shop for the day, head down to a bar, grab a pint, and sit in front of an empty canvas with a paintbrush and unleash their inner creativity. Read More.


Cupcakes for the Cure

It was last January when Jacky Arminen’s sister, Tracey Kane, broke the news to her about her breast cancer. Read More.

Dog Owners

Riverside Dog Park

Mans’ best friend has a reason to celebrate after a new dog park opened in Riverside. Read More.

Chinatown East Fire

Gerrard Fire

A hazardous material team was brought in to deal with asbestos found in the ceiling of the century-old building. Read More.

Bain Co-op

Bain Co-op

In the heart of Riverdale, the Bain Co-op has been at 100 Bain Ave. for the past 100 years. Read More.



If you ever thought you needed gourmet doughnuts with your fried chicken, Leslieville no longer has a one-stop shop for just that. Read More.



Mans’ best friend has a reason to celebrate after a new dog park opened in Riverside. Read More.