Swiss Chalet


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In cooperation with the brand and in-house designers, we have overhauled Swiss Chalet’s email campaigns. They now have a cohesive voice and targeted messaging based on their open-rates, click-rates, and engagement levels. VIPs get premium creative, with clever taglines and subject lines to make them think. Lapsed users get basic, straight to the point emails, with personalized deals right in the subject line.




Social Media

Swiss Chalet Sauce Fountain


I am very lucky to be dealing with an engaged, enthusiastic and very large audience with Swiss Chalet. It gives the opportunity to get really creative, with great responses.

In this example, the team came up with a “Swiss Chalet Sauce Fountain” for April Fools day, which was organically scooped up by several media outlets, and shared widely and enthusiastically.



In-store Assets

Swiss has a lot of limited time offers, so keeping messaging to the point, but still creative and sentimental is important in getting the point across.