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Emails and Landing Pages

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with Milestones on rebranding their emails to give them a more sentimental feel. Previously, their emails would only click through to make a reservation.

I made the suggestion to the brand to embark on a more content-marketing style of contacting their clientele. This would involve sharing recipes every now and again. The resulting email below for National Mimosa Day resulted in three times the click rates when we performed an email content A/B test with the exact same subject line.

Radio Ads

I’ve gained more experience writing radio ads with Milestones Cantina Menu event. They were looking for a classy, sentimental sound to make their clients feel like they were about to head to a cool pool party in Mexico. The results are below.

In-Store Assets

It’s important for the food at Milestones to sell itself. Beautiful food photography shows off new menu items, with simple, witty copy. This way the audience doesn’t get overwhelmed with deals and callouts.

Print Ads

This ad in particular was placed in Golftown Magazine. The copy was targeted towards that specific audience, with a simple headline to emphasize the every day gathering spot that Milestones aims to be.


Social Media

Simple, straightforward, and most of all, enticing is the name of the game for Milestones social media. Feel like a drink after work? Milestones is there with beautifully designed photos, and simple copy to tell you what you need. I was involved in the production of the photos here, as well as the simple copy.