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Harvey’s is a great brand to get creative in its email headlines, while keeping things enticing in their machine headlines and subject lines. I’ve used their strong brand voice, as well as clear, concise copy to get the point across.
Harvey's Eblast

Radio Ads

Holy Mackinaw, that’s a beautiful thing. Harvey’s has an incredibly strong brand voice that most Canadians are already familiar with, so writing for them is about keeping that impeccable tone, while keeping copy fresh and exciting. I write 7, 10, 15 and 30 second spots for this brand. A sample script is below:


*Burger Sizzling sound*
Mmmm. That’s the sound of two, 100% Canadian beef patties being grilled over an open flame before joining forces as a $3 Harvey’s Double Cheeseburger. That’s right. It’s our $3 Double Cheeseburger Event, for three weeks only.  Now that’s beautiful thing, so hurry down before it’s over!

Social Media

With enthusiastic followers on social media, Harvey’s allows for a lot of great creative freedom in contests and posts on social media. They always get hundreds of comments, shares and likes, and their stories get plenty of views to boot. This one below involved a “Secret menu” that engaged users and boosted knowledge of the customizable menu that Harvey’s offers. It was also promoted through an email to boost click rates.