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In my 3.5 years at Capital One Canada, my primary focus has been to become a subject matter expert in how our creative work impacts customers with measurable data.

This lead to a record number of customer acquisitions in my time as Customer Acquisitions Copywriter at Capital One Canada in 2021, and these are strategies I’ve brought into my new role as Customer Management Senior Copywriter in 2022.

Digital Ads

My work with digital advertising includes Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network & Search Engine Marketing, YouTube, Verizon/Yahoo, Twitch, Kijiji, Microsoft, and APEX.

All of these ads are tested down to the body copy, headlines, art and more to ensure that we’re not only getting acquisitions, but we’re getting high quality customers at a lower cost per acquisition. Copy that includes urgency, credit limits, and ease of application have proven to be our most effective digital advertisements for growth.

Brand Campaigns

We have done a few mass marketing campaigns over the years to lift our brand name in Canada. Capital One is not as well known in Canada, so brand lift campaigns have been very important to increasing our brand recognition over the years.

Second Look

Second Look was our first mass marketing campaign in years, and was a campaign that ran all over Canada with contextual billboards, subway ads and digital advertising. All ads were contextual, so if there was a subway station ad in a neighbourhood with a high density of asian restaurants, the ads referenced bubble tea, dumplings, tempura and more. If it was near a university, it referenced calling mom, coffee, and more.

This campaign was also accompanied by a Spotify and radio ad which you can hear in the following sample.

Quick Check

Quick Check is a product that allows customers to find out which Capital One credit card they’ll be approved for, before they apply for it.

Our brand team wanted to leverage this product in this mass marketing campaign, as well as more contextual ads. The following video is the ad that ran through the entire campaign on multiple platforms.

The following ads were contextual billboards on Each appeared on a different genre section, including action films, comedy, drama, adventure, horror and more.

Email Campaigns

To help Capital One customers succeed with credit, the customer management team has created an email test to get customers make full payments on their credit card bill each month.

These are three examples of different iterations of the test. We’re still waiting on results to see which email was the most successful at getting customers to pay in full.

These two emails are part of a test where we’re offering customers an additional card to add to their wallet – this time with rewards. The first email is emails an exclusive version, and the second is a more celebratory version. We are still waiting for the results of this test.

Social Media Marketing

Social media at Capital One Canada is used as a great way to communicate with our customers about some of the services they might not know come with their card. We also use this as a way to link to our blog, and provide more content marketing.

Palette Design System

I’m currently working on a design system for Capital One Canada with a number of product designers. This system includes our distinct brand colours, components, foundations as well as built in accessibility.

The goal of this is to be put online to move towards cohesive and accessible products across all of our web and mobile products.